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“Paddocks and Shelters” is ready

“Paddocks and Shelters” is ready

Dear friends,


We are glad to announce that the new book by Lydia Nevzorova “Paddocks and Shelters” is ready.

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Paddocks and Shelters portrays the reality of horse keeping in order to help horse owners honestly and objectively evaluate their own properties or boarding facilities.

A unique format of comprehensive and relevant photo illustrations comprise this handbook that guides you to make the best choices when arranging and constructing your horses' paddocks and shelters, as well as alerting you to hazardous, yet all too common practices. Concise, clear captions and comments provide numerous responsible options for safe and comfortable equine habitats, along with what to avoid and why.

Expert advice from seasoned horse owners outlines effective, appealing solutions for everything from fencing materials to water troughs - all with the best interest of the horse in mind.

This book is the translation of the popular Russian book, Paddocks and Shelters by Lydia Nevzorova, which leads off the Nevzorov Haute Ecole series on Equine Management which includes volumes on stable setup, hoof care, blanketing and more.

This insightful series offers a revolutionary approach to horse keeping in a handy format brimming with valuable knowledge in an easy-to-remember fashion. Lydia Nevzorova imparts her wisdom and experience in a friendly conversational style that appeals to all levels of horse people.

This peerless atlas of equine management is an asset to every horse owner's library.

* professional advice

* 200 comprehensive color photos with detailed comments from around the world

* over 100 valuable practical tips

Featured Artist Kim McElroy

Dear customers!

We are glad to announce that now in our store you can order beautiful pictures by Kim McElroy.

A lifelong horse lover, Kim McElroy portrays the inspiring emotional, spiritual,
and dynamic presence of these magnificent creatures. In her artwork Kim seeks to
express the elements of the horse’s spirit in a quest to awaken humanity to their healing
gifts. At times she portrays horses as ethereal spirits, symbolically blended with the
forces of nature, while her more realistic portraits capture the emotional impressions
these beings inspire in those who admire them. Through her incredible mastery of
pastels, and her talent in writing about her artistic insights, Kim McElroy conveys the
power and beauty of the horse’s form... yet more than that, she offers us a timeless
glimpse of its soul.
Kim’s portraits are in high demand because her works have a life of their own.
Kim’s styles range from tangible portraits which are lifelike paintings created from
photographic references of a specific horse, to her Soul Essence portraits – in which she
intuitively connects with a photo of a horse, and meditates with the spirit of the horse to
reveal symbolic images that express their true selves and often their purpose in their
person's life.
Kim has pursued many avenues of personal growth and healing work. Her studies
with Linda Kohanov evolved into their co-creation of the Way of the Horse Book and
Card Set, and subsequently the inspirations for her poetic writings in the Way of the
Horse Journal.

All the pictures are high quality prints. International shipping.

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The eighth issue of the "NHE Equine Anthology" is ready

Dear friends,


We are glad to announce that the new issue of “NHE Equine Anthology” is ready.

Among the articles in this issue, there are:



How I Choose Horses

I can surely say that even if we use the most serious approach in choosing a horse, even if we have an incredible quantity of hippological, veterinary, behavioral and biomechanical knowledge, the “main” horses in our lives are not “chosen”, they just “happen”.

This rule holds true even when a horse has to be chosen for professional work in the cinema for a show, for television or photography – in other words, business, with the obligatory need to teach the horse basics or the whole Haute Ecole.

Alexander Nevzorov shares his story of how he chooses his horses.

Marie Duizidou - Come Back to the Reality

Official Nevzorov Horse Revolution Representative in France tells the story of her path to NHE School.



The Equestrian Inquisition

Imagine that a regular store sold inquisition devices. Furthermore, they are sold not as antiques, but as quite ordinary tools for everyday use. They are new, in beautiful packages with the instructions for use. On the shop board are mouth openers sold in bulk and pincers to pull out nails, nostrils and teeth; on windows – whips of all kinds, with chains, with or without hooks; on shelves – vices and “Spanish boots.” And in the center of the room on a table marked, “Please do not touch” on a nice label – a real rack.

Do you think these instruments can only be seen in a museum, where hardly anyone will attend? All these worn-down exhibits shed pain and sufferings of the hundreds, the thousands of tortured. If one will come closer – one will hear the moans and death rattles of the tormented souls.


The Corpse’s Dress - What Not to Wear on a Horse

In this issue we introduce a review by Alexander Nevzorov on a book by G. Oakley, S. Soskin, Riding Outfit: What Not to Wear on a Horse.


Chapter 5: Home

The fifth chapter of the long-awaited book by Alexander Nevzorov.



The Hidden Meaning of Old Engravings


In fact, many ideas and meanings which spiritualize old School Masters and their imitators are encrypted on title pages preceding old tomes. Alexander Nevzorov analyzes a famous book by Antoine De Pluvinel L’Instruction du Roy en l’Exercice de Monter a Cheval and the title engravings in La Gueriniere’s, Ecole De Cavalerie.


The School Curb

Some history of a famous curb bit designed by Solomon de la Brue.

We can safely say that the precise scientific and practical knowledge of the torturous role of any equine “iron” (i.e., bits) celebrates its 400th birthday now. In the beginning of the XVII century in France, Haute Ecole master Salomon de La Broue published the results of his research which he had called “PRECEPTES”, including a complete analysis of the effect the bit causes in a horse’s mouth.

It is noteworthy that La Broue studied the principles of the effect of the bit not to communicate the torture it caused the horse or even to express his dismay. He did it only to make his own inventions more effective.


Lectio Eqvaria Palaestra

The new film by Alexandr nevzorov is now available on DVD. In this issue we proudly introduce an interview with the director.

As we all know, the key criteria of intelligence is the ability to encipher sounds into the graphic characters (we call it “writing”) and vice-a-versa – the ability to decipher graphic characters, the ability to read. Those abilities allow us to get the amazing answers which indicate that there is a similarity of the intellect in the different species of mammals. A horse’s brain is comparable to a human's.

If we give it such “tools” as graphic characters (i.e. the alphabet) we can organize the intellect. So we can teach a horse to associate, to generalize and to draw conclusions...


Follow the link to order the new issue.




Pictures by Julia de Jesus Palma now with 20% off

Dear customers!

We are glad to announce that now you can order wonderful pictures by Julia de Jesus Palma with 20% off.


The black and white art from Julia de Jesus (former Thiemicke) originated from the simple idea of filling out a space with one line only. One, however, that does not cross or touch itself. With time shapes started to appear in the evolving maze and soon the images stood by themselves.
The flowing nature of the hand drawn line calls for organic shapes and Julia's greatest inspiration comes from nature.
The 'dots' series are images created by single dots, put onto paper one-by-one.
Horses are a great passion of her life and from an early age onwards it was important to little Julia to draw them, as well as to be with them.
Currently, Julia ownes three horses. She lives, together with her husband, in the hinterland of southern Portugal.

All the pictures available are high quality poster prints.

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Horse Diary with 20% off

Dear customers!

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We are happy to announce a "Horse Diary" - a complete horse record organizer containing 128 pages of fill-in-the-blank forms. Keep track of daily rations, blanketing schemes, hoof trimming, dental care, First-Aid kit and emergency plans. All of your records for vaccinations, deworming and general health control will be in one place. Detailed charts provide handy reference for body condition scores and important measurements that make it easy to monitor growth, development and health throughout your horse’s life. Using the checklists for monthly routines and yearly plans will keep your entire facility and program running smoothly and safely. A lesson diary and pages for extra notes help you tailor your training and management… All this and much more in one concise portable book.

Thank you,
Happy New Year and Christmas to you and your horses

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Dear customers!

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Anniversary Discounts

Dear friends,
We are happy to announce that the new issue of “NHE Equine Anthology” is ready.
In this issue read the interview with Lydia Nevzorova where she shatters the myths and rumors about NHE. 

This month we celebrate the 7th anniversary of HR and the NHE School!
As part of the celebration we have a special offer.

For those customers who buy a McAfee product through our website we will give special discounts and benefits during August!
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The seventh issue of the "NHE Equine Anthology" is ready

Dear friends,
We are glad to announce that the new issue of “NHE Equine Anthology” is ready.

Among the articles in this issue, there are:


SCHOOL. What are the ways to gain trust of an abused horse and reach his heart again? The NHE senior student from Australia, Joan Boyd, shares her experience in gaining a new relationships with horses being salvaged from equestrian sport.

HORSE REVOLUTION. Hippotherapy: In the Shadows of Equestrian Sports
The NHE student Donna Condrey-Miller made her own research on the so popular equestrian trend as hippotherapy and now she shows the shocking facts to the readers.

BARTABAS NAKED Or: The futile expectation to see Brabancon horses
In this issue we introduce a REVIEW written by Alexander Nevzorov on a popular Bartabas film “La Reprise musicale”.

"The Horse Crucified and Risen" by Alexander Nevzorov. Chapter four. War
The fourth chapter of the long-awaited book by Alexander Nevzorov.

CARTULARIUM. The "Turkish" curb
It is a very typical Ottoman curb. The mechanism of mouth impact is characteristic for the East. In Europe it is called «Arabic » or «Janett style» curb. Today it is widely used at races under the name «Chifney».

COLLOQUIUM. The Path of the School

In this issue we commemorate the anniversary of NHE School and forum. We introduce you an interview with Lydia Nevzorova, founder of Nevzorov Haute Ecole website. You will know the School history. How it all began and what will be the future progress of Nevzorov’s School.


Follow the link to order the new issue.





The book "Horse Crucified and Risen is now ready for order

Dear customers!

We are glad to announce that the long-awaited book by Alexander Nevzorov is now complete and is ready for order.

We would like to offer you 15% OFF!
The discount code to apply at the checkout is 7WD63FXU
Hurry up! The offer is available for first 100 customers!


This book became a best-seller in Russia, was reprinted several times and changed the worldview of many people.
This is the first book in the history of mankind revealing the whole truth about horse and man relationships. Its author is well-known journalist, film director, scientist and founder of the most difficult and the most beautiful school of horse training and education, Nevzorov Haute Ecole, and he is living proof that a horse can be trained and educated without any means of constraint such as bit and bridle and punishment.
The book reveals secrets of horse training and discloses the truth about the painful essence of the equestrian sport. The true history of the cavalry and the history of those cruel instruments of strict enforcement that people used for horses over almost thirty centuries, never thinking that there is a completely different way…


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