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The new book "Equestrian Sport: Secrets of the Art" is ready

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Hot off the presses from NHE: Provacative, revealing, the untold story. Get in on the "Equestrian Sport: Secrets of the Art".
This anthology includes the best Nevzorov Haute Ecole articles. Besides you will find here the newest NHE research publications first published in this book.

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It is clear, that the destruction of equine sports of all types is the simple, undoubted duty of the human for the horse.
But doing this duty absolutely does not mean that it tries to enlighten sportsmen, those who "love to ride for fun" or "half-breds" (by half-breds, I'm referring to those philosophical riders who seem to understand something but cannot stop "taking their riding drugs".)
Doing this duty, fortunately, does not mean any necessity or even chance to talk to the sportsmen or any other people that were mentioned before.
Here, in this war "for the horse", is possible to accomplish the strict, non-compromising, slow and massive destruction of equine sport, by changing the public's opinion, and in this way taking equine sport out of the realm of prestige.
An enlightened public opinion will kill equine sport.
It must be remembered, that any talk about horses by a sportsman, rider or "half-bred" -- is just a homonym game. Homonyms, as it is well-known, are words that are written and pronounced in the same way, but they have absolutely different meanings.
The word "HORSE" becomes the homonym, in which WE and THEY have absolutely different ideas. There is nothing similar between these ideas, not one point of contact or even accidental similarity. Any talk becomes absolutely useless, because people talk, pronounce a word, and then fill it in with an absolutely different idea.
Any talk turns into a waste of time, a homonym game, a theatre of the absurd.
Of course, there is some hope for the equine sport seat, which often lessens the numbers of those who accept the horse as a nice programmed piece of meat who must serve a human's activities, or have other opinions, which differ from the School's.
But, to tell the truth, I put much more hope on Einstein and his great formula for widening the human's intellect: "The intellect, that once has widened its borders, will never come back to the old limits."
This law -- is a truly fatal sentence to equine sport and other "jockeys".
And it has already started working.

Alexander Nevzorov

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